Bi-O Agro AS

Bi-O has gradually seen a clear need to distinguish between agricultural activities and other activities. Development of IT systems has already been separated into the company Culton X AS (during 2022), a new company has taken over the name Bi-O AS and will take care of marketing and sales, operations and financing. Bi-O AS has changed its name to Bi-O Agro AS in October-23 and will henceforth focus only on agricultural operations:

  • propagation material of perennial plants
  • seeds of open (not F1 hybrids) cultivars*
  • development of new cultivars
  • produce for the local market
  • niche products for broader markets
  • operation of cooperative agriculture
  • courses in all aspects of cultivation, conservation, etc.
  • R&D within cultivation systems

)*often called “varieties” in commercial and vernacular language